About Test Shoot.com

About this site

Test Shoots.com is an extension of the Modeling Advice.com web site. Both were created by commercial photographer Daniel Van Rossen (30 years commercial photography experience). This site is intended to provide helpful information for those considering modeling. This site focuses on information about Test Shoot.

So Why is This Site Here?

In January 2000 I started a web site I called Modeling Advice. I mostly did it just to see how this new internet thing worked (yes there was a time when there was no internet).  Much to my surprise it just sort of took off. From the experience I had with that site I found there was a need for bringing models and photographers together who were looking for test shoots. So the first incarnation of this site was an experiment to see if using a web site could bring models and photographers together. So in June of 2000 I set up Test Shoots.com using free massage boards. This was before the Internet bubble collapse and everything was free. It was slow going but was starting to catch on and then the bubble burst and all of the free went away. This site languished for many and 2010 I revived it as a free information site about Test Shoots. This time again more just to practice new web building skill but also hoping that site will be helpful. And yes there is bit of an effort to try and make a few buck selling portfolio case (you have to put your photos in something and you have to buy your case somewhere) but all of the information is free for reading and hopefully learning something.