Test Shoots

Whether you call it a Test shoots, Testing, Time for Prints (TFP), Time for CD (TFCD), or messing around in front of the camera at some point as a model you need to get photos taken. Test shoots and testing is a regular part of modeling. Your first test shoot or testing might be just to see how well you photograph. So people look good in person but do not photograph well. Other who may not look that good in person it turns out the camera loves. The first few test shoots you do also produces the photos you need to show others (photographers, modeling agencies, art directors, clients) to get more shoots. Test shoots also allow you to build experience and confidence in front of the camera, develop or try new looks and build or update your portfolio.

This site has more information on doing test shoots and what to do with the photos. If you are looking to get into modeling you may want to look through the information on this site.